All Detergent: History and Products

Together with other brands such as Gain, Tide, Purex, and more, All Detergent is considered to be one of the best laundry detergents available in the market. With years of experience in providing high quality detergent products, the company continues to play a major role in making laundry tasks easier and safer with top quality laundry products.

History of All Laundry Detergent:

All Laundry Detergent was introduced and established in the market on the year 1959. With that, the company and brand has promised to bring freshness, cleanliness, and efficiency in all of their laundry detergent products. It was Unilever that initially manufactured and formed the soap form version of All detergent. Unilever which is under the FMCG company, has been acclaimed in the 1890’s, with its debut product for soap, which was then called as the Sunlight soap. Ever since, Unilever has been providing its consumers with high quality products that have been tested to provide only the best and most efficient results.

It is often important for anyone to be able to get more value from his or her purchases. To get value from purchase, means that the product is of good quality and is something that is really worth buying in the first place. This is the reason why All detergent remains to be a top-selling product because of its undeniable quality in providing only the best products to their patrons.

On top of that, one wants to make sure he or she is able to address a particular need or want at the lowest possible cost. This is usually the mindset of a smart shopper.

Even with the choice of laundry products, one would look at both the quality and the price of laundry products and laundry detergent brands first before he or she decides to buy. For this reason, companies who are in the business of manufacturing and selling these laundry products, such as All detergent, are offering to give discounts to their products just to make sure that they get consumer loyalty.

The success of the All laundry brand in selling their products, especially their All detergent products, can be attributed to the company’s impressive marketing strategy and undeniably effective products. They do not only manufacture one type of laundry detergent, they manufacture different variations of it to ensure that every need and want of the consumers is being catered to. These products do not only vary in ingredients, but also vary in their functions and uses.

Different products and varieties of All Laundry Detergent:

Free Clear Products

These All detergent products are specifically made for babies and pets. It does not contain ingredients that contain perfume, dye, or any type of ingredients that contains preservative elements. This is usually recommended for those with sensitive skin. Not only that, the ingredients used to manufacture this are made of mild substances that are safe for the delicate skin of babies, while at the same time tough at removing stains.

2X Ultra

2X Ultra is their product that is widely used for heavy washing. Different variations are made for these products each containing specific scents and fragrances. With concentrated power in cleaning your clothes, 2x Ultra products also contains heavy stainlifters for overall cleanliness. Aside from making your clothes fragrant and fresh, the materials contained in this All detergent product has the ability to remove grease and lift stains

Small and Mighty

Small and mighty is another product under All Detergent laundry products which is highly concentrated and at the same time, eco-friendly. By merely adding 1 cap of this detergent to a bucketful of laundry, you are sure to have clean, fresh, and fragrant clothes in no time, Created with All detergent’s bestselling formulas that is free of harmful chemicals, Small and Mighty detergent soap can clean and remove all types of dirt in your clothes, while at the same seeing to it that the fabrics are not damaged.

All Detergent High Efficiency

If you would want to save a few bucks in your monthly electricity bill, then products from this line might be your best bet. High efficiency All detergent products are specifically made for high duty functioning washing machines. This is usually used for commercial purposes. Although they are practical, it is recommended that you be extra cautious in applying these to clothes, because it might damage them when overused or can lead to the fabric’s deterioration.

All Detergent Marketing Strategy:

The trend nowadays is giving discount coupons. In fact, one already knows what coupons for all brands are for. These are used to get discounts (and even freebies) from his or her purchase. Whether these are online coupons or printable ones, a smart buyer will make sure he or she has them each time he or she does her shopping. While one thinks of the use of coupons as a smarter way of shopping, companies think of coupons as a great marketing strategy, and the same strategy goes for the All detergent company.

Companies have observed that couponing is a good way to introduce their products or brands to their target market and this will not generally cost them more than regular advertising. After all, this coupon marketing strategy would usually convert to sales as well as customer loyalty. When coupons are available for a brand they haven’t tried, people would be more inclined to try and see how the product goes. Eventually, they will switch to this brand if he or she is satisfied with the product’s performance.

Getting All Detergent Coupons:

  1. Visit their website
  2. On the upper right corner, click on Get coupons
  3. Check if there are available offers
  4. Click on the desired brand
  5. Print the coupon

Indeed, the success of the All laundry detergent in selling their products, especially their All baby detergent products, can be attributed to the company’s impressive marketing strategy. Not only do they market their products to address a particular need or want, they also reach out to consumers by offering to give All detergent coupons once in a while in order to introduce their products at a lower cost to the market, and ultimately, as a form of advertising and as a means to get more sales and revenue.

All this and more made All detergent one of the most trusted and well-loved brands in the market.